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You’ve heard the saying many times:  Real estate is all about “Location, Location, Location”.  It’s true in Costa Rica, too.

Escape to a living ecological paradise! It’s waiting for you. The homes in the Nosara area, and including Playa Guiones, truly have it all.

Costa Rican Nosara Pacific coast is the ultimate location!  Come and check it out!


Going beyond renting: Own your own home in Nosara, Costa Rica


At Beach Management, we can help you with the purchase of your own Costa Rican property. You can rely on our knowledge of the real estate market in the area and of the (often complex) real estate purchase processes in Costa Rica.

Real Estate Consulting

Searching for a property can be exciting and exhausting at the same time. It takes time and some driving around to find just the right property for you. By consulting with Beach Management, you reduce your efforts while increasing the chances of finding your ideal property sooner and safer. There are many factors to consider and Beach Management can provide valuable guidance. We know “what’s out there” literally as well as on the market. Rely on our experience to guide you through the pros and cons of seasonal effects of property locations.

We can work for you while you are not here. As your consultant, Beach Management can assist you to find reliable legal advice, research a property’s true ownership, and to navigate other issues. One example of “other issues” is around determining proper prices and fees; it can be tricky. After you purchase, Beach Management can also assist you with the construction or remodeling of your new home. For example, for properties under management by Beach Management, we have helped many new home owners in the final stages of their construction, interior design, home purchases or landscaping. We can also assist with housewares, furniture, finishes and amenities. Beach Management in Nosara has the experience you need.

Fractional (Shared) Ownership

Fractional ownership is a general term for shared ownership, similar to a timeshare (but not the same).  Currently, the co-op available for fractional ownership at Beach Management is The Beach House. This shared ownership arrangement is better described as Fractional Ownership.

However we name it, the bottom line is…

You can have exclusive and immediate ownership and use of your own luxury villa!  It is a tropical villa bungalow located in one of the most prime and pristine beach locations on the Nicoya Pacific Coast: Playa Guiones.  The added bonus in this fractional ownership arrangement is that it is also an active investment with a proven an income potential for each owner.

5 Points about Fractional Ownership

  1. Shared OwnershipThe Beach House is structured as a member-owned Cooperative (Co-op). Your investment share is yours forever and may be inherited (willed), transferred, or sold at any time. It covers the whole property and is not tied to a single, specific villa or bungalow.
  2. Flexible Reservation Requests – Owners are able to make reservation requests as far as one year in advance of the desired vacation period. There are no restrictions on the amount of time or number of elite villas requested. Scheduling is based on availability and dues status. Owners have equal, shared access in both of Costa Rica’s two climate seasons. This arrangement ensures a truly is a year-round resort.  We want you to experience all that Nosara has to offer.
    • Reservations: Every owner has preferred usage and may schedule up to twelve weeks each a year (84 cumulative nights).  The time is determined through an equal division among owners and across two separate climate seasons:
    • Summer Season: November, December, January, February, March and April and
    • Winter Season: May, June, July, August, September and October.
  3. Income Potential – Income from rentals is proportionate. It is divided among all owners based on usage. For example, an owner occupying only 14 nights in a year will receive a larger percentage of the annual rental income profit than an owner occupying the property for 28 nights that year.
  4. On-site Management – All responsibilities for property management are assumed by Beach Management.  These are clearly documented.  As the property manager, we take an active approach to ensuring that every luxury home and villa is secure and expertly cleaned. Homes are inspected regularly, pools are routinely cleaned, and landscaping care is constant. Our promise:  Every home or villa is kept fresh and stunning for guest arrivals at any moment.The property manager will also collect all dues and fees associated with the upkeep up the property. The Beach House has its own private home owners association (HOA) with Board of Directors (elected by home owners) who are also home owners.  Their duty is to jointly make property decisions and to provide oversight to Beach Management.  Management and upkeep expenses are covered through dues and reserve accounts.
  5. Annual Dues – Fractional Owners pay dues which are determined by the annual budget.  Maintaining a current status of dues and reserve accounts is important when reserving vacation time. The annual operating budget is transparently based on the history of previous regular expenses, up-coming local economic changes in the Costa Rican economy, and anticipated operating costs covering to the property, furnishings, and equipment.  The annual operating budget also accounts for any accumulation of funds that are held in reserve for future needs. The annual budget is subject to review and approval by the elected Board of Directors.

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