Business Administration & Services

Business Administration Practices

Beach Management follows best practice business administration and reporting.  We have a history for being professional and above-board in our business practices. Beach Management has staff, and a full-service business office which follows business and labor laws in Costa Rica.  We are also known for being transparent in our operations and transactions.

Transparency + Good Records = Best Practices

We believe that transparency along with good record keeping are essential for good business. With attentive management and control, we can provide timely information to homeowners. Beach Management provides regular reporting to homeowners and follows standard financial accounting practices.

Business Management Services

On the business side of things, some of the standard services for homeowners at Beach Management include:

  • Transparent & complete financial management of your property: For your convenience and peace of mind, Beach Management can assume  the responsibility to manage the bank account related to your property as well as the paying of  expenses affiliated with your luxury home (i.e., property taxes, other taxes, utilities, workers, repairs, etc.).
  • We use first class Asset-Management Software to create detailed periodic accounting reports and to provide real-time accounting, as may be necessary.
  • Beach Management can provide year-to-year budgeting proposals.
  • Beach Management delivers (by e-mail) Owner’s Statements on the 15th of every month for the month prior. 
  • Reimbursement options: Typically, expenses under $200 will be paid immediately by Beach Management on your behalf.  A surcharge applies and reimbursements must be made promptly.  According to your preferences, for any expense over an amount you specify, we will seek your approval in writing (e-mail is preferred).
  • For special construction or remodeling projects or by request, Beach Management can prepare a proposed budget for presentation to the property owner.  Your approval must be provided in writing prior to commencing any repair, remodeling or construction project.
  • Supervision and management of local contractors on a by-project basis, as approved by the property owner.
  • Interface with inspectors, technicians or other government agents (i.e. ICE, Asada, Cabletica, municipal agents) as may be necessary.
  • Concierge Management means Beach Management handles all the transactions and resolves all guest-related issues.  We often begin even before guest arrival and we take care of all check-in/check-out services for guests.  We answer their questions, make the recommendations, give the advice, and facilitate the tours, rental cars and all guest services. 
  • Annual and real time reports, as requested.  Beach Management will deliver the reporting you need. Common examples are home income/expense flows, annual tax reports, project cost summaries, utility payments or other repeat expenses. 
  • Beach Management consults on real estate issues and is your best source for information on any kind of expatriate support, tax accounting & licensing assistance. If we don’t know, we will help you find out.

Beach Management in Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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