Management Services Fee & Commission

Beach Management has a standard service contract. It includes a management services fee and a rental commission.


Management Services Fee

First, under the Beach Management Agreement you always maintain complete control over your property. Second, the Agreement is straight forward about what you can expect from Beach Management. Our job is to manage and maintain your valuable property. At the same time, we work to bring renters and secure reservations for your vacation property. Third, we are happy to prepare a proposal for you. It’s important to be clear about what we will be doing for your property.

For the most part, the management fee is based on an inspection of your property.  In addition, we review previous expenses and consider your security requirements. The fee covers standard Beach Management services (see below). Any special services that you request will also be covered. Some common special services could be extra landscaping, additional security, or a different marketing plan. Both preventive and regular maintenance services are included. This is critical to avoid costly “emergency” repairs. Your Costa Rica vacation home will keep its beautiful condition under our watch.

By the way, Beach Management also manages monthly payments for your property in Costa Rica. For example, we handle your local utility payments, common area management fees (HOA), or other municipal payments. Whatever it is, we do our best to deliver full services and make things easy for you. We want you to know that when the unexpected happens, you can count on Beach Management



Beach Management’s main business is generating rental returns for you in Costa Rica. We earn a commission on completed reservations. As a rule, reservations are paid directly into your property account. The commission is usually paid to Beach Management after a reservation is paid in full and guest leave. From pool care to guest services, our aim is bringing renters for magical vacations at your vacation home.


Some things we take care of for you at Beach Management…

  • Regular property inspections and pool cleanings (Jacuzzi, fountains)
  • Continuous outdoor landscaping, irrigation, and other gardening services
  • Repairs or preventive maintenance (General)
  • Roaming security checks
  • Check for water leaks or flooding
  • Weekly housekeeping and guest arrival preparations
  • Air conditioning maintenance
  • Shopping for parts, materials, or replacement of home items (A 15% surcharge may apply for expenses covered on your behalf.)

Beach Management aims for homeowner delight.

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We will help you market and manage your valuable property while you are away with our rental and property management arrangement.

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