Successful Rentals Require A Circle of Services

Our mission is to maximize rental returns for you from your elite vacation home in Costa Rica. Of course, it all begins with your beautiful rental property.  Next, comes Beach Management with our circle of services that are continuously revolving around your spectacular vacation home.

“Circle of services” means there are constant activities happening to market and generate guest reservations for your home every day. We are skilled at responding to guest inquiries (leads). We answer the questions, do the follow up, and excite potential renters to conclude the reservation.  After guests arrive, we provide full guest services and help them with vacation activities.  From the first contact through departure, we are focused on delighting guests.

Marketing & Reservations

Marketing your luxury home starts with creating a charming description of the features and amenities of your home.  Working with professionals, the marketing begins with preparing the online property description. It is carefully written, optimized, and then laid out to highlight the wonderful attractions of your vacation home.

Professional photos are important.  Selected photos display the comfort and most delightful aspects of your luxury home. For your convenience, Beach Management can arrange for professional photo shoots (possibly videos).

Attractive homes along with good marketing lead to bookings. Getting the reservations is the next part of the circle of services.  By responding quickly to online chats, e-mails, texts and calls; Beach Management closes reservations.  We take the time to respond to questions with upbeat answers that encourage and excite potential guests. Courtesy and care describe the customer service at Beach Management.

Guests & Hospitality Hosting Services

This part of the circle of services tends to go on far into the future. It continues because happy guests come back! They also recommend your home to their friends. Beach Management handles everything for guests and you don’t need to do a thing.  We answer their questions, arrange for anything they need, and deliver guest hospitality services every day.  Our team is always ready to recommend and arrange.

Like you, we want guests to return for their next vacation.  We also want the best reviews about your luxury home and the vacation experience there.  Beach Management aims for guests to be absolutely delighted during their stay. From arranging in-house chefs to helping plan excursions, our guest services are a big part of the “delight”.  We are glad to provide guest services without any cost to you.


Other benefits for homeowners

There are more benefits for homeowners! All along the circle of services there are many extra things we are always doing.  They keep the circle turning and the guests coming. These extras are always working to your advantage.


Intelligent prospecting & adding to create a data base of potential clients.

Beach Management updates its database on a regular basis. We can send out the news, latest events, featured homes, or promotions.

We are up-to-date with local real estate & vacation rental homes.

This knowledge helps you to charge the best rental rates. Good rates lead to higher booking rates for your property. We are constantly doing market research. For example, we pay attention to guest profiles, vacation preferences, changing airfares, travel trends and from which countries.

Effective lead responses and sales techniques.

We are bilingual and use proven sales skills to maximize the bookings for your vacation home.

Guest screening.

Beach Management screens guests. Like you, we are selective about accepting guest renters in order to protect your property and home. We charge security deposits which are deposited to your account.  Properties are under constant watch by the Beach Management maintenance and cleaning staff. They are quick to inform the property manager.

Advertising through global rental websites.

We apply a proactive marketing strategy for vacation homes.  This includes arranging for the homes we manage to be added on selected vacation rental websites.

Frequent website updating and SEO*.

Beach Management makes a financial investment in its online marketing. Investing in quality marketing is crucial in today’s competitive tourism markets and platforms.  Additionally, the Beach Management website offers easy, 1-click booking and contact options.  (*Search Engine Optimization)

Property sub-website.

A standalone sub-website can be designed and developed for your vacation home property. A customized sub-website for your luxury home serves as further outreach to potential renters.  It is another platform to display your home’s features and  it creates an expanded optimized presence on the Internet World Wide Web.

Staying in touch.

Staying in touch with you is an important part of the transparency and good management policies at Beach Management. According to your preferences, we will contact you about any renovation/repair activity, scheduling or other property issues.

Professional, prompt and courteous service.

One of our priorities is to create a friendship with, and delight, every guest and homeowner.  This is the real magic of Beach Management in Nosara, Costa Rica. It is core to achieving excellent reviews, recommendations and referrals, and returning guests. Our strong point is a consistently thoughtful personal touch –for you and your guests.

Beach Management in Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica,

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