About the Management Fee

Beach Management extends a minimum monthly service contract.  Under the Beach Management Agreement, you always maintain complete control over your property. We insist on being up-front about what is covered and what you can expect.  Like you, we prefer to avoid surprises.  At the same time, you can count on us when unanticipated situations arise.

Beach Management agrees to manage your valuable property while working on your behalf to attract guest travelers and secure reservations. The monthly management fees are customized according to the characteristics of each vacation property.  Your property (or you) may require a different range of services.  Services included depends on the location of your beautiful home, landscaping requirements, the level of security, and the marketing plan.  We can also manage the payments of your private residential common area management fees, utility payments, or periodic municipal payments.

In every case, we will prepare our proposal to you in advance. It will be clear what the monthly management fee will cover for your property.  The monthly fee is determined after having an inspection visit; reviewing previous maintenance and utility expenses; and security requirements.  Should you require additional services in the future, we will be glad to prepare a proposal for your approval.


Rental Reservation Commission:

Beach Management earns a mutually agreed upon commission when a reservation is received for your vacation home. This is the primary focus of our business: to achieve luxury vacation rentals.  Our mission is to maximize rental returns from your elite home in Costa Rica with minimum bother for you. The property management duties, along with the hospitality services we arrange for guests, are core to achieving the mission.  There are two constant goals at Beach Management: homeowner delight and repeat reservations by guests.

Some routine property management responsibilities at Beach Management are:

  • Weekly or daily inspection with management of the pool(s) and fountains;
  • Constant outdoor landscaping and maintenance, including watering and other gardening services;
  • Repairs or any other outdoor or beach requirements as may be specified by home owners;
  • Revolving security checks;
  • Check for water leaks and functionality of sprinkler system(s);
  • Weekly housekeeping and appliance care (including pre- and post-guest (or owner) visit cleaning);
  • AC management and maintenance;
  • Make the purchases needed or front the expenses (for example, housekeeping and maintenance expenses).  (A 15% surcharge is added to the total for expenses covered on your behalf and for your convenience.);
  • Interior & exterior preventative maintenance tasks;
  • Systems troubleshooting & corrective maintenance;
  • Provide all interface with local contractors/workers or relevant government agencies or utilities, as necessary;
  • Other special supervisory services can include: Pest Control,  Painting, Wood Staining, Plumbing, Electrical, Roofing, Concrete (to be confirmed with Beach Management);
  • Complete inspections of the common areas;
  • Be available for 24-hour emergency management and maintenance.

Beach Management has extensive experience in developing and supervising million-dollar property renovations.  We have a positive track record for caring for luxury homes like yours effectively, efficiently, and for the long-term. Based on our extensive experience with high-value homes in Costa Rica, we will develop a long-range management plan for you. A maintenance plan typically covers maintenance care and possibly improvements for the property that will maximize its attraction to guests.

Both preventive and regular maintenance management services are included to avoid costly “emergency” repairs. You can rely on Beach Management to ensure that physical assets are properly maintained to perform for their maximum useful lives. We have regular policies and processes for purchasing items on your behalf which we will share with you.  Beach Management closely monitors expenses to stay within approved budgetary guidelines.

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We will help you market and manage your valuable property while you are away with our rental and property management arrangement.