Qualifying as a Beach Management Property

How do we choose the vacation homes we manage?

Our objective is to optimize the income potential for every property we manage. This means that Beach Management visits, and selectively chooses, each property.

As a boutique management company, we are careful to have the right number of attractive, high-end homes. Likewise, we are careful to select homes that have the features needed to maximize their appeal to high-paying guests. This combination of criteria goes a long way towards assuring that the rental income stream from your property meets expectations.

Beach Management Property Standards

To qualify as a Beach Management property, houses and properties must meet our standards. These standards have been developed after years of successful luxury property management.  They serve to enhance the rental income potential of your luxury home and its amenities. We are happy to share how our standards apply to your home when we visit your property.

Helping your home towards Beach Management success

Beach Management assists you to prepare your home for income-generating success in the luxury vacationers markets. Like you, Beach Management wants to assure that your home appeals to the high-demand guests in the luxury home market.

Our personal touch to equip your home appropriately is a critical part of the on-boarding process. This can include lending our staff to accompany you to shop in San José for housewares, appliances, or entertainment items. We arrange for the subsequent, immediate, and hassle-free delivery of purchases back to your home in Nosara.  Typical purchases can be back-up kitchen appliances and electronics, housewares, decorative items, linens, and furniture.

To further enchant high-paying renters, homes must be furnished with the right features and “fun amenities.” One must-have feature is high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi connections. Entertainment media such as smart televisions, cable service with English channels and Apple TV/Netflix are recommended. Fun amenities are very appealing to future guests. An inquiry is often converted into a reservation by the amenities the property offers. Things like games/game tables, surf boards, pool toys and floats, child care items, bikes and 4-wheelers, etc. can swing guests’ decisions. As we create the marketing plan, we will review with you the “extras” we recommend for the guests in your home.

Beach Management goes the extra mile for homeowners

Meet & Greet guest services

Regardless of the hour, we are present and take the time to meet and greet every guest. Upon arrival, guests are introduced and welcomed to the vacation home with a complete tour. Beach Management coordinates for guest (and for homeowners’) transportation to and from the airport and their vacation home upon request.

Preparing your vacation home prior to guest arrival

Prior to guest arrival, we spend the time to find out guests’ grocery preferences. We will pre-stock the pantry and refrigerator with groceries upon request. We also include a variety welcome items for guests, for example tropical fruit baskets, wine, coffees or floral arrangements. Beach Management frequently arranges for a welcome meal to be prepared by one of our chefs.

First class hosting & concierge guest services 24/7

Beach Management works as an impeccable, white-glove host on your behalf. Besides the full range of concierge hospitality services, Beach Management staff facilitates every possible Costa Rica vacation adventure for guests. Costa Rica, and Nosara in particular, have a lot to offer in terms of ecotourism options. We arrange picnics, tours, boating activities, yoga sessions surfing lessons, and grocery runs, just to name a few. Without apology, our unwavering aim is guest delight.