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Vacation Home Property Management

for Homeowners


Have you thought about renting your vacation home property to qualified guest renters?

Would you like to know about property management services at Beach Management for your vacation home?


Think about this: “Management” is much more than maintenance.

Although maintenance services are certainly an important part of management services, it’s not the only part. At Beach Management, management is much more than maintenance. This is not to say that maintenance is not important. It is! However, maintenance tends to be routine since the luxury vacation homes we rent are already fantastic. Management includes keeping the beauty and security of your home, plus a bundle of proven marketing, sales, and customer services


We’re making vacation home management as easy as 1-2-3!


Contact Beach Management today to find out about qualifying as a Beach Management property.


Be assured, it’s the management services that keep guests…

coming back,

writing positive reviews, and

recommending your luxury vacation property.

Our secret is our 1-2-3 combo!

You can easily check our performance in two ways.

First, just look at our homes!  They are always in superb condition; ready to impress.

Second, ask the homeowners of the properties we manage.


We are good at what we do, and the truth is it’s not a secret at all!  In fact, we tell everyone –and we hope you will too.


So, what’s the secret “1-2-3 combo” that leads to happy homeowners and delights guests?  It is simply this:


Beach Management:

We manage your luxury vacation home property properly

Beach Management takes the business of vacation-home property management seriously. Our aim is to achieve the income potential for each property. We excel at customer-focused, boutique-style management. At the same time, we provide full marketing services. Beach Management is a trustworthy steward for your elegant home. In our care, your vacation property in Costa Rica will stay secure and keep its spectacular condition while you are away. As a matter of fact, we take care of your vacation home property as we would our own.

1. Maintaining the dazzle of your vacation home

While “management” is very important, let’s be clear.  Keeping your home impressive, having working security, and coordinating regular housekeeping and landscaping are all essential services. In Costa Rica’s tropical and changing coastal climate, constant attention is necessary. Naturally, this includes handling the landscaping, routine cleaning of the pool/spa and air conditioners, and regular housekeeping.  Our team is always roaming our properties.

Your fabulous home and its surrounding property are always ready to awe and receive visitors at a moment’s notice. This is Beach Management’s promise to you. The broad range of Beach Management services shows our commitment to meet your expectations. Likewise, it’s about our promise to protect your high-end investment.  You can be confident that your carefully styled home and landscaping will be maintained in its stunning condition.


2. Creating the promos & getting the guests

Homeowners can expect tasteful marketing services from Beach Management, including complete online promotions. This can range from coordinating photo shoots (including aerial shots with drones) and producing video tours to full-service sales. Take advantage of our extensive experience in the specialty lodging sector.

The marketing team designs effective promotions to advertise your vacation home. Along with personal referrals and online reviews, these promos spark inquiries (leads). With prompt follow up to inquiries and requests, Beach Management skillfully converts leads into guest reservations.

The marketing strategies we develop reach a global network of cultured clientele. We target the chic vacationers. Like you, they expect the finest vacation stays and experiences. Good service from the start leads to confirming reservations now and repeat business in the future.  Beach Management combines these talents and skills to bring in rental returns for your vacation home property. It easy! You don’t have to do a thing!


3. Delivering cordial customer care is core!

Along with a marvelous vacation stay, attentive hospitality is core in the vacation rental business. Beach Management provides pleasant, professional, and prompt hospitality services to your guests. Our goal is to meet unique needs of both homeowners and their guests as quickly as possible. It’s the Costa Rican “Pura Vida” way! Hospitality services also include assisting with Costa Rica vacation adventure experiences. Lastly, you’ll be reassured to know that we’re ready to respond when emergencies happen.

Our great successes (reservations, happy guests, maintenance solutions…) might seem like magic to homeowners. However, we must be honest with you. The “magic” is in Beach Management’s commitment to quality customer service. This reflected in our track record of happy guests who keep coming back.

At Beach Management we really do “go the extra mile!”

We KNOW this is the basis of our business success. Our goal is to absolutely delight every homeowner and guest.
For sure it is our commitment to you for your guests.

Reliable Property Management Services

Beach Management takes your confidence in us very seriously. We are trustworthy and responsible stewards who will keep your luxury home secure, maintained, and rented profitably to qualifying guests. Beach Management can offer specialized and boutique style management to you while you are abroad.  We provide property and rental management services (including active marketing promotions) for your vacation or permanent home in Costa Rica. Our aim is to protect your luxury investment.

Beach Management Nosara is a responsible steward and keeper of your property.  This includes a full menu of property and rental management services intended to meet your expectations and protect your luxury investment.   Beach Management Nosara is committed to constantly managing your luxury home to maintain its stunning condition both inside and out.  We keep it secure and in perfect condition in this tropical and changing coastal climate. Naturally, this includes spectacular landscaping, pool & sauna routine care, and regular housekeeping.

Your elite home and surrounding property are always ready to impress and receive visitors at a moment’s notice.  Finally, we are magical marketers! We actively and tastefully promote your elite rental property to our global network of chic and cultured clientele who expect the finest travel experience. Like highly skilled magicians, Beach Management Nosara works to generate rental returns for you when you’re not here.

Our mission is to DELIGHT OUR CUSTOMERS by providing unparalleled service to each property under our management. We accomplish this by meeting or the unique needs of both owners and tenants like, in the most comprehensive and hassle-free manner possible.

Our roots are in the specialty lodging sector, namely resorts and hotels. We utilize cutting edge technologies to get your vacation rental property in distribution channels where today’s consumer goes to find lodging accommodations. We use top of the line software to manage your rentals effectively and efficiently.

We specialize in resort property management and general hospitality management services in Costa Rica

We focus strongly on effective management by investing the necessary time and effort required to properly maintain and manage our properties as luxury residential rentals. This paradigm permeates throughout our entire organization, so together with our well-trained and trusted staff we can ensure that the interests of both our owners and renters are properly protected.

We strongly believe that truly effective and comprehensive Property Management is a multi-faceted initiative consisting of ALL of the following attributes:

  • Asset management: The fiscal health of the property
  • Property management: Maintainance and operations
  • Client management: Serving the individual interest of owners and tenants

Costa Rica Brokers gives you peace of mind knowing professionals are taking care of your property without disrupting your daily life.

We handle late night tenant phone calls and emergency maintenance issues, we have the knowledge and all requirements necessary to understand and comply with the local regulations. Our experience saves you time and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Communication with owners and tenants is vital in our business. We pride ourselves in keeping tenants satisfied and advising owners on the status of their investments.

As a result of our selection of a few clients, we have the luxury of taking the time to get to know you and your property, ultimately providing intimate relationship-driven service.

Management Fee to Manager:

You maintain complete control over your property while we work on your behalf to attract a wider audience of travelers. There are no fees to join, and we have a minimum monthly service contract and earn commission when you receive a reservation.  ($100- $150 monthly for condos(price depends on size of condo) $150-175 for villas/houses(depending on size???)

Every Monthly Management Fee for each property is different, all depending what our clients and their property require. We currently have a range from $50 to $225 for individual homes, and a range of $300 to $2000 monthly fee for condominium common areas management fees. We can provide you the exact fee for your property after having it visited, and in case of Condo Management, after inspection and having seen last month expenses.

These are a few of the professional skills that we will put to work for you, so that you don’t have to:

We are marketing & sales professionals. 

Actively promote and market your luxury home to vacationers

We reach out to travelers the world over. Our marketing team actively promotes your property to our global audience of discerning travelers.  In case you’re wondering, we do not rent properties to just anyone.  Beach Management carefully selects guests according to qualifying standards.  We are selective because it is part of our responsibility to protect your property and home even while we work to make it a revenue-generating investment.  We work hard to help you attract the right guests.


Covert leads to reservations and guests

Rental Management: If you have an interest in renting your condo, we can assist with promoting your condo and rentals. (We are selective and screen, as best as possible, the potential tenants).

  • Intelligent prospecting to create a data base of potential clients. Our team updates our database on a regular basis and sends the latest deals and promotions.
  • Keep our staff updated and aware of what is happening on the market to establish optimal rental rates and property occupancy. We spend and invest time, educating our team and searching what the market has to offer, how vacation habits are changing, what the trends and upcoming trends are, from which countries low Airfare is coming to Costa Rica etc … Techniques that help to have your rental home booked.
  • Frequent advertisement in local magazines, brochures and News Papers to obtain maximum profit in rentals. One of the biggest, but mostly forgotten market, is the Costa Rican Rental Market. A very potential one, used to fill up the last spots in your Rental Home Calendar. Risk full? We screen our tenants, we have a damage deposit and our maintenance and cleaning staff keeps the property manager up-to-date.
  • Advertisement on global rental websites and brochures. Including our homes in some of the biggest vacation rentals website is our prime marketing strategy.
  • Frequent website updating and SEO. Investing time and money on this digital brochure; nothing is that crucial as our website, it has complete information about your property and our services. A well-constructed and working website, to generate more traffic towards your property.
  • Regular communication with Owner regarding activity. We try to keep our home owners involved on every process of marketing, news and market updates, as well as all of our efforts to keep your house exposed to future clients.
  • Professional, prompt and courteous service to ensure repeat business. Our main goal is to create a friendship with every costumer we get across with, not only for renter, but also with our property owners to increase our levels of rental traffic and repetitive business. Our forte is a strong service of personal touch.

The KEES Travel™ Team strives everyday to accomplish a single goal; DELIVERING VALUE. This value applies to vacation home/condo owners that list their real estate for rent with us and the guests that purchase vacation rentals through us. KEES understands the needs of the owner and the vacationer. We understand your expectations. We will use our decades of experience in leisure real estate property management to maximize your rental potential.

Maintenance Management*…

For Villas, in addition to the above services, we inspect and management the pool, garden services, and check for water leaks with sprinkler system, and other outdoor requirements with a stand alone unit.


With extensive experience directing millions of dollars in property renovations, Goodmanagement knows how to care for your property for the long-term. By developing a long-range plan for the care of the physical quality of your property, we’ll ensure that physical assets are properly maintained to perform for their maximum useful lives. We’ll establish policies for purchasing supplies and major assets, closely monitoring expenses to stay within approved budgetary guidelines.

Business management

Financial Management: Pay all expenses affiliated with the condo/villa

Concierge Management: Handle all guests prior to arrival, provide check-in service/check-out service for guests, handle tours, rental cars and all guest services.

Expenses under $200 will be paid immediately for the condo. Any expense over $200 will need to be approved by the owner via email.

An Owner’s Statement will be provided to the Owner on the 15th of every month for the month prior by email. accurate record keeping; a necessary pre-requisite to proper management and control.

Prepare a proposed budget for presentation to the Unit Owners

Manage and oversee any projects approved by the owner.

Including supervising and coordinating repairs or remodeling activities

Maintenance Management: Provide all services from appliances to inspections, AC management and all maintenance needs.

Bi-weekly inspection with check list, form scanned to owner.

Any purchases needed or expenses from housekeeping and maintenance will have an additional 15% added to the total.

Interface with contractors on all projects involving the common areas.

Inspections of the common areas.

24-Hour emergency management and maintenance.

Deliver top quality guest hospitality services

Housekeeping Management: Provide all management to cleaning services, pre and post cleaning after guest and owner stays and other housekeeping needs.

KEES has its own in house team that will coordinate housekeeping and maintenance to ensure that your property is perfect for the next guest. We also institutes preventive maintenance, deep cleaning schedules, and energy saving initiatives all through our KEEkare Property Program.

Bottom line is that you deserve the best. KEES has a unique business model that incorporates every facet on every level necessary to deliver the very best results. We know you have a choice in vacation rental property management companies. We hope you choose KEES.

Serve guests with white-glove, concierge & travel services

Our goal is to provide a seamless and worry free trip. To that end, we have designed all of our systems to accomplish that goal. All of our vacation rental properties have a core set of amenities. Items such as an electronic door lock, coffee, towels and linens, bath dispensers with shampoo and gel and paper products. We make these items standard for two reasons. First, having theses items makes the stay a bit more convenient for the guest. Second, as a repeat guest, there is a confidence level when staying with KEES. We set an expectation.

Property coverage? We provide industry-leading liability and property coverage to make sure your property is protected. https://www.luxuryretreats.com/homeowner

We are stewards.  

Properly supervise property upkeep, maintenance and security

Depend on us to be the keepers of your valuable home investment in Costa Rica.  We will keep your home, its furnishings and appliances, secure. To keep your home beautiful requires daily upkeep and landscaping along with regular maintenance by trusted workers.

We are customer service experts.

Enthusiastically achieve 100% guest satisfaction

When we represent and rent your luxury home, we know we are representing you.  The guests who stay in your home are your guests   Beach Management takes care of your guests for you.  We answer their questions, meet their needs, deliver hospitality services and guide them to enjoy their stay in Costa Rica.  Like you, we want them to have every reason to return and stay again AND to recommend your luxury home to friends and colleagues.  Our team make sure your guests are 100% satisfied —from arranging an in-house chef to planning outdoor excursions— at no extra cost to you.

We take care of all the details, for you and for your guests.

Interested in talking to us about your luxury home?

Beach Management has been placing discerning guests in prestigious properties like yours in the United States and Costa Rica for over 20 years. Get in touch with us today to discuss vacation rental and property management opportunities for your valued property.

Listing of typical (preventive and regular) maintenance management services to avoid costly “emergency” repairs. Beach Management helps you maintain the value and caliber of your elite home, furnishings, appliances, amenities, security gate and landscaping

  •  AC service
  •  Pest Control
  •  Painting, Wood Staining
  •  Routine Inspections
  •  General Maintenance: Personnel and contract services arranged
  •  Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Roofing, Concrete
  •  Landscaping
  •  The Right Tools: Investment in administrative systems
  •  First Class Asset-Management Software
  •  Detailed Monthly Interactive Accounting Reports
  •  Year-To-Year Budgeting
  •  Real-time Accounting
  •  Concierge Services: Available for Owners and Clients
  •  Preparation of your property to be rented
  •  Coordination of move-in of new tenants
  •  Company staffed house-keeping
  •  Client Protection: Keeping your best interest at heart
  •  Screening of prospective tenants
  •  Prompt payment of taxes, utilities, etc

Our Property Management Services Include:

  • Interior & Exterior Preventative Maintenance
  • Systems Troubleshooting & Corrective Maintenance
  • Housekeeping services & Deep-Clean Projects
  • Landscaping Maintenance & Installations
  • Pool Maintenance & Systems Expertise
  • Utility Payments & Billing Administration,
  • Expatriate Support & Licensing Assistance,
  • Accounting & Taxes – Book Keeping

Among other services…

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