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For years, watersport enthusiasts have flocked to the Guanacaste region – specifically Playa Guiones on the Nicoya Peninsula – for what is considered to be some of the best surfing conditions in the world. Backed by lush tropical jungles and protected by the Ostional Wildlife Refuge, the area boasts more than 350 surfable days a year, with 90% of them offering waist- to head-high waves. Few places offer surfers that kind of consistency, almost guaranteeing your chances of ideal conditions regardless of your length of stay and your surfing ability.

Before you even hit the surf, you’ll notice the unspoiled beach, which has earned a ‘Banda Azul’ or Blue Flag of Ecology for being among the cleanest, pristine, and ecologically well-maintained beaches in the world.

“As far as Costa Rica is concerned, Guiones has potentially the cleanest and most well-developed waves in the country, which is why I find myself returning every few months. As a shortboarder, low tide is probably my favorite time to rip Guiones, as the waves have much steeper faces when there’s less water.”



Nosara has some incredible surf schools and surf instructors.  One of the best parts about surfing in Nosara, is how friendly the people on the waves truly are.

When surfing in other world-class surf spots, a beginner surfer may feel out of place on the waves.  In Nosara, the people are friendly, welcoming, and support beginner to advanced surfers on the waves.


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