Property Management of Vacation Homes

for Homeowners


Have you thought about renting your vacation home property to qualified guest renters?

Would you like to know about property management services at Beach Management for your vacation home?


Think about this: “Management” is much more than maintenance.

Although maintenance services are certainly an important part of management services, it’s not the only part. The luxury vacation homes we rent are already fantastic. At Beach Management, management is more than maintenance. It is the beauty and security of your home plus a bundle of proven marketing, sales, and customer services.


We’re making vacation home management as easy as 1-2-3!

Contact Beach Management today to find out about qualifying as a Beach Management property.


Be assured, it’s the management services that keep guests…

coming back,

writing positive reviews, and

recommending your luxury vacation property.

Our secret is our 1-2-3 combo!

You can easily check our performance in two ways.  First, just look at our homes!  They are always in superb condition; ready to impress. Second, ask the homeowners of the properties we manage.  We are good at what we do, and the truth is it’s not a secret at all! In fact, we tell everyone –and we hope you will too.

So, what’s the secret “1-2-3 combo” that leads to happy homeowners and delights guests?  It is simply this:


Beach Management:

We manage your luxury vacation home property

Beach Management takes the business of vacation-home property management seriously. Our aim is to achieve the income potential for each property. We excel at customer-focused, boutique-style management. At the same time, we provide full marketing services. Beach Management is a trustworthy steward for your elegant home. In our care, your vacation property in Costa Rica will stay secure and keep its spectacular condition while you are away. As a matter of fact, we take care of your vacation home property as we would our own.

1. Maintaining the dazzle of your vacation home

While “management” is very important, let’s be clear.  Keeping your home impressive, having working security, and coordinating regular housekeeping and landscaping; are all absolutely essential. In Costa Rica’s tropical and changing coastal climate, constant attention is necessary. Naturally, this includes handling the landscaping, routine cleaning of the pool/spa and air conditioners, and regular housekeeping.  Our team is always roaming our properties.

Your fabulous home and its surrounding property are always ready to awe and receive visitors at a moment’s notice. That is Beach Management’s promise to you. The broad range of Beach Management services shows our commitment to meet your expectations. Likewise, it’s about our promise to protect your high-end investment.  You can be confident that your carefully styled home and landscaping will be maintained in its stunning condition.


2. Creating the promos & getting the guests

Homeowners can expect tasteful marketing services from Beach Management. these services include complete property oversight and rental administration. Take advantage of our extensive experience in the specialty lodging sector.

The marketing team designs effective promotions to advertise your vacation home. Along with personal referrals and online reviews, these promos spark inquiries (leads). With prompt follow up to inquiries and requests, Beach Management skillfully converts leads into guest reservations.

The marketing strategies we develop reach a global network of cultured clientele. We target the chic vacationers. Like you, they expect the finest vacation stays and experiences. Good service from the start leads to confirming reservations and repeat business in the future.  Beach Management combines these talents and skills to bring in rental returns for your vacation home property. You don’t have to do a thing!


3. Delivering cordial customer care is core!

Along with a marvelous vacation stay, attentive hospitality is core in the vacation rental business. Beach Management provides pleasant, professional, and prompt hospitality services to your guests. Our goal is to meet unique needs of both homeowners and their guests as quickly  as possible. It’s the Costa Rican “Pura Vida” way! Hospitality services also include assisting with Costa Rica vacation adventure experiences. Lastly, you’ll be reassured to know that we’re ready to respond when emergencies happen.

To our homeowners our great successes (reservations, happy guests, maintenance solutions…) might seem like magic. However, we have to be honest with you. The “magic” is in Beach Management’s commitment to quality customer service. We have a track record of happy guests who keep coming back.

At Beach Management we really does “go the extra mile!” We know this is the basis of our business success. Our goal is to absolutely delight every homeowner and guest. For sure it is our commitment to you for your guests.

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